About Appzone24

App.Zone24 is a young business of Dutch origin, that creates and sells different applications. The development of software, is at this point in time left to third parties.

This is about 24 applications that are being used in multiple industrial branches. And also, for example inside the sport-and social networks.

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The team of App.Zone24 consists of a group of creative people, who together share their experiences of various projects.

Every team member takes his/hers experience and shares that with the other members of the team.

In this way you arrive at excellent results, where the wishes of the users are foremost.

These members got their experience inside numerous branches of various industries, i.e. Finance, Service, Sales and Logistics. Besides this, they are also active on an Economic and Social level, which enables them to participate in thought and speech from that point of view also.

The applications that are being developed today will be study closely, as to never start a project “unmindful” again!


Keywords belonging to the team of App.Zone24 are:

. Creative

. Purposeful

. Efficient

. Supporting

. Teamwork

. Pro-active

. Challenging

. Advancing

App.Zone24 has as primary goal in 2014 – and in 2015 the offer to the first five applications, as well as National (the Netherlands), also International.

These apps are available in IOS as well as in Android.

For the development of the first two applications App.Zone24 still has a need for donors and investors.

Contact us for a donation or investment

Thank you!

Eddy Coenmans

Founder and director of App.Zone24




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